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Haina Talent Program

Application Requirement​
Eligibility: projects ready for commercialization.​
Application condition:


Applicants should have master’s or higher degrees. Applicants should be experienced in entrepreneurship and holding junior or senior management position in domestic or foreign companies.


Applicants should lead a reasonably structured entrepreneurship team. Their projects should have external financing, IPs, and core projects at the phase of commercialization.


Projects should attain external funds, including
Attain venture capital of no less than 1-million RMB (approximate to 120-thousand Euro)
Win a prize in entrepreneurship competitions held in Beijing/ Shanghai/Shenzhen/Yangtze Delta Region
Exceptional projects do not have to fulfill one of the aforementioned two requirements.


Exceptional applicants are given the leeway that they do not have to fulfill one of the requirements including diploma, position, or professional title.
Time and Location
Time: approximately in October each year, TBD in 2020
Location: Roadshow Center in Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang.
Evaluation Procedures
Preliminary evaluation criteria:
Whether the project has completed the incubation period, has developed prototypes (or model if software), and has a production order or some products selling overseas.
The team should have the technology, team management, financial risk management, marketing, and others to be suitable to be introduced to domestic market.
The team should have attained venture capital and clarify investors’ intention.
Whether the project targets the Chinese market and is suitable to the demand of domestic market.
Projects are filtered based on the criteria including background check, team evaluation, interviews, and field evaluation.
Evaluations are done through in-person debate. Special arrangement, if necessary, can be made that applicants can debate through online platform. Collective evaluation will be done through debate and scoring. Every project is given 20 minutes in total, including a10-min pitch session and a 10-min Q&A session. Judges will score the pitch and Q&A.
The collective evaluation has one review team evaluating semi-exclusively. The 20 projects which enter the final will be categorized into electronic information, equipment production, health care, each field evaluated independently. The review committee will have 7 judges. 2 of the 7 judges are invited by BTC. 1 judge is an expert on venture capital. 3 third-party technology experts and 1 management expert, 4 in total, randomly selected from two nation-leading technology think tanks. The review committee will also have 2 staffs and 1 registrar. Staffs from local human resource bureau will help projects to connect with the local province.
Funding and Benefits
Innovation start up fund
1 million to 7 million RMB
(Paid in 3 installments, approximate to 240-thousand Euro to 840-thousand Euro)
50 to 300㎡ office space (Free of charge for 3 years).
Enjoy more benfits
Healthcare, inhabitation convenience, education etc.