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Technology Development

The process from general ideas, to lab results, to prototypes, and finally mass productions sold on market is not easy for many entrepreneurs. BTC can ensure the process goes smoothly and unhindered by financial or technological issues. Entrepreneurs can enjoy the vast network system BTC has taken time and effort to build, connected with industry visionaries, investors, and a cohort of companions, all of whom will come to facilitate the demanding process of technology development. BTC will actively seek partnership on behalf of firms who require additional help, connecting them with research institutes or other organization in Germany.
A foreign company trying to establish their base in a different country is inarguably a difficult task. With their rapid growth in technology innovation and production, Germany and China prove to be a fertile land for those to whom abundant opportunities—whether in business, innovation or collaboration—will come to be an invaluable and unmatched asset. With BTC’s help, those who understand the promising future of the Chinese or German market will have their journey made easier.



BTC has been successful in connecting with research teams and entrepreneurs in both Germany and China, among whom the exchange of information and technology promote the innovation and further the existing development of society.
Scholars and entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from BTC’s global involvement that its branches stand on the pivot areas of science and technology in both Germany and China, surrounded by leading high-tech firms and numerous research teams. BTC provides the unique opportunity to send delegations to either China or Germany to garner knowledge on local culture, business policies, and market trends, equipping entrepreneurs and companies with global perspectives.